Rolling Steel Doors

Rolling steel doors are manufactured using heavy-gauged steel curtains that are designed for security and industrial applications and stand up to heavy use better than most doors. Specific models of rolling steel doors include: 


Service Doors - ideal for industrial applications, grain elevators, exterior mount doors, high security doors
Counter Shutters - ideal for concessions stands, cafeterias, churches, service counters
Fire Doors - ideal for fire and smoke protection. 


Insulated and uninsulated with a variety of colors are available. Manual lift, chain-hoist and electrically operated doors can be installed on steel, wood or concrete door frames.

High Speed Doors

High speed doors are designed for high speed opening and closing and high cycle use. These doors can travel as fast as 55 inches per second, shortening the time an opening needs to stay open. Options include a fabric material for interior use and insulated steel material perfect for exterior use. Ideal for manufacturing plants, car dealerships or anywhere a garage door needs to be opened/closed many times per hour.